Translated by Goh Beng Choo, Loh Guan Liang


Singapore, 1980s. Amid the tumult of political promise and upheaval, Yan Pei and his students struggle to pursue art in a rented studio. Yan Pei, a penniless artist, sacrifices more than his marriage to perfect his craft. His student Si Xian makes an irrevocable decision after Ning Fang, the subject of his unrequited love, leaves him for India. Jian Xiong gives up art – and his humanity – when communist politics force him to flee into the Malayan jungle. A story of disparate paths crossing continents over the span of forty years after Singapore’s independence, Art Studio is a stirring meditation on art, politics and memory. 

The Original version of Art Studio, 《画室》can be found here

Art Studio / By Yeng Pway Ngon

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