Translated by Jeremy Tiang


In the 1910s, thirteen-year-old Leong Ping Hung comes to Singapore from China to seek his fortune. Decades later, he is a lonely old man mourning his shattered dreams. His granddaughter Yu Sau struggles to take care of him while trying to make sense of her own life in a rapidly changing country. He speaks Cantonese, and she Mandarin – but will they be able to find common ground through a shared love of Cantonese opera? As Yu Sau looks to her family’s past to understand her present, she begins to uncover the secrets that went missing along with the old man’s cherished opera costume.


The Original version of Costume, 《戏服》was published in 2015. 《戏服》 is the winner of the Singapore Literature Prize for 2016. 

Costume / by Yeng Pway Ngon

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